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Apple’s New Iphone 5ss Aces Speed Benchmarks, Beats Rivals In Touch Responsiveness

After much wait and excitement, the iPhone 5S has finally been released. While the low cost sibling iPhone 5C has received mixed response from reviewers and industry veterans. Initial tests and reviews on iPhone 5S are largely positive. As per the revelations of some leading benchmarking sites and reviewers, the flagship Smartphone of Cupertino based technology giant will retain its position and fan following.

How iPhone 5S fares better than its predecessor
Should you upgrade to the new iPhone 5S, especially if you own iPhone 5, which is quite a capable device? This is one question that is haunting thousands of iPhone owners. When it comes to weight and physical dimensions, both the models are identical. The difference however lies beneath the premium looking aluminum exterior. Apple made claims that the iPhone 5S will be faster than its predecessor, owing to updated new CPU and newer OS. It seems the claims were not far from the truth. While iPhone 5 is no slouch in raw performance, iPhone 5S does everything blazing fast, whether it is activating camera, rendering web pages or loading apps.
Does the new Processor add to speed and functionality?

Before the iPhone 5S was unveiled officially, Apple claimed that its new A7 SoC will boost performance by a large margin. The iPhone 5 was shipped with A6 chip while the latest iPad was equipped with A6X. The new iPhone 5S does not merely have a CPU with more cores or enhanced clock speed. The A7 is the world’s first mobile processor with 64 bit support. While the A7 may not be twice as fast as its predecessor, it is very close to that claim. In benchmarks like Geekbench, iPhone 5S scores 2557, way above iPhone 5′s 1296. In another test, GLBench the 5S scores 53 FPS over iPhone 5’s 36 FPS in on screen mode. In Geekbench, iPhone 5S races ahead of all high end Android rivals and only LG G2 , powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip came close with a score of 2154. Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S4 scored 1964. The Power of A7 was evident in web benchmarks as well. iPhone 5S scored 3764 in Browsermark, ahead of LG G2′s 2493 and Galaxy S4’s 2498. The same trend was seen in Sunspider JavaScript benchmark, where the iPhone 5S took only 418 milliseconds while Galaxy S4 trailed with 1431 milliseconds. Now, these synthetic benchmarks may not be exact indicator of real work performance, but iPhone 5S’s speed benefits are clear.

iPhone 5S trounces Android rivals in touch responsiveness
According to a benchmark test done by Agawi, app streaming firm Ape’s new Smart phone defeats all its Android rivals in touch responsiveness. It is 2.5 times faster than those phones on an average in this department. In the TouchMarks benchmark test, Apple’s updated iPhone took 55 milliseconds. The nearest Android rival was Samsung Galaxy S4 which scored 114 milliseconds .Nokia’s Lumia 928 did slightly better with a score of 117 milliseconds. This once again proves OS optimizations and design score over hardware oomph.

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